DBL 200 Autocut Paper Roll 1Ply 180m Blue (6 Per Case)

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1 Ply Blue Roll Towel 180m. Blue continuous roll towels are suitable for use in hygiene conscious environments. Blue roll towels, when used with the enigma range of dispensers, can dispense a single use open flat sheet. This means the only sheet touched is the one that is used therefore reducing cross-contamination. The enigma roll towel systems can give up to 40% cost in use savings over regular centrefeed and C-Fold hand drying methods; making it a cost-effective solution for high traffic areas. 180 metre  6 per case, Use ESP930 Dispenser.

You can buy these Blue DBL 200 Autocut Paper Roll 1Ply (x6), and a wide variety of paper consumable products, at Seaton Cleaning Supplies. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of cleaning supplies and cleaning products. 

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