Microfibre Cloths (10 Pack) Blue

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'Shine' offers great quality and great value whilst providing a high level of dust, dirt and grease retention and is very competitively priced! Microfibre cloths are the most effective and cost-efficient cleaning cloths on the market! With extreme absorbency, the cloths can be used on all surfaces to remove dirt, grease and dust with ease. The cloths can be used wet or dry but perform best when used damp. Microfibre is perfect for cleaning glass and mirrors, etc without leaving any smears. Our cloths are available colour coded for use in all areas and are machine washable up to 400 times

You can buy Blue Shine Microfibre Cloth x10, and a wide range of other cleaning equipment, right here from Seaton Cleaning Supplies. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of cleaning supplies & cleaning products. 

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